About Alumni HLS

Who are we?

The Alumni HLS is the official alumni association of the Hochschule für Life Sciences FHNW in Muttenz. Compared to other associations, our Alumni Association is still very young - we were founded by the first graduates of the then newly founded HLS in 2009.

Currently, our association has about 200 members and grows with each graduating class at HLS.

Our association goals:

  • Promote and maintain contact between graduates and encourage networking.
  • find and develop contacts
  • support projects as well as bachelor and master theses
  • Exchange experiences
  • Link between
  • University (school management, faculty & current students)
  • Graduates (coaching program)
  • Economy (projects)


The Alumni HLS and Alumni FHNW

The Alumni HLS acts as an independent association and therefore includes all legally necessary positions such as a board of directors, a president, treasurer, accounting and more. Together with the Alumni FHNW organization, joint workshops and meetings are held to exchange knowledge and to strengthen the cooperation between the two associations.


Explanation of terms Alumni / Alumnus

Alumnus (plural: alumni, lat.: "pupil", from alere, "to nourish", "to raise") was originally a male pupil of an alumnus. In their plural form, alumni are those who are nourished by another, that is, "provided with food and drink and instructed in all good customs". The feminine form of alumnus is alumna. Especially in higher education, the image of the alma mater (the nurturing mother) has become established as a counterpart. In English and German-speaking countries, alumni are therefore former trainees (better: those trained at a (university) school), former students and employees.